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Dieselveg - ATG Veg Kit Demo Rig

At DieselVeg we have a Demonstration Rig set up in our Workshop to show visiting customers how the ATG 2 tank system works.

The kit rules are simple:

  • start from cold on Diesel
  • once engine is up to normal temperature (or above 70degC) switch to Vegetable Oil
  • run as normal
  • when vehicle is to be parked for more than 15 minutes or so, switch back to Diesel approx 2 minutes before stopping engine. The engine is then ready to start from cold on Diesel.

The Two Tank SystemThis YouTube Video on the subject may be helful.

The video was created by VegOilCar and uses our demo rig as its basis. Hopefully between the content of this page and the video you should get a good understanding of the Two Tank system.

Feedback regarding our demo rig has been very positive and most people say it shows the operation even better than the test engine.

We use coloured water for a very effective, safe display. You can see at the top we have used a real injection pump and injectors and used transparent tubing on the "high pressure" lines so you can see the flow (of course these are normally solid steel lines).

To the right the blue main vegetable oil filter constitutes the existing vehicle filter, apart from the tanks and ignition switch the rest of the components are supplied with the kit.

Above are some images of our rig. One is showing the rig in Diesel mode (red) - such as when the vehicle is first started. The other shows the rig in Vegetable Oil mode(green) - such as when the vehicle is happily in use.

We simulate engine running by switching ignition on and an electrical pump starts. We have a "throttle" control valve at the rear to simulate engine consumption. We collect this in a hidden separate tank so we can speed up the demonstration. The switchover to Vegetable Oil results in a visible gradual mix of colours until all green (vegetable oil) is visible. If ignition is switched off whilst still switched to Vegetable Oil then the warning buzzer sounds for 2 seconds. As with the real ATG Kit, switching back to diesel operates a quick purge timer and there is a fast transition back to Diesel.

Here's a couple of photos indicating the construction, planning makes perfect!

(Test rig marked up and ready for component installation, parts fitting in progress)

Obviously our demo rig is much more impressive in the flesh. Why not come along and see it for yourself.


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