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Vauxhall Combo Van - Converted to run on Veg Oil

Dieselveg successfully converted a brand new Vauxhall Combo van to run on vegetable oil back in October 2003. We would like to thank Merve, our customer, for his continued support and enthusiasm. He has generated thousands of web hits, e-mails and phone calls simply by encouraging people to think about driving a little greener.

Below are extracts from his e-mail "diary" to us, mixed with his conversion photos.



"Dear Nick and Clive,

Everything is going brilliant! 3,200 miles and just over half a tank of diesel used. Went to Newcastle and back on Saturday to see my lad at Newcastle Uni. Have to do it all again in a fortnight but Hey! what the hell- Tyre rubber aint expensive! I am grateful to you everyday! Thanks a million and I continue to spread the word! Most people are amazed that it can be done and wear a look of amazement but make excuses why they shouldn't do it. One day soon I will come across someone who will snatch my hand off with what you have to offer! I need some more handouts if you have some."


"Hi Nick!

6,230! running as sweet as a nut!- No unfamiliar sounds coming from the engine! Very quiet when running at low revs. I continue to amaze people and I am sure that you will get business through me soon! It's just finding someone like me who believes in the technology and has £800 to spend! Spoke to a group of blokes about it today- one of the young lads said that he will be pissed off every time he puts diesel in his car from now on! I told him that he knew the answer!"


"Dear Nick and Clive,

After my first full month on veg oil I have just got my Diesel Bill for the month! WOW!! Am I dreaming? £23.67p!!! Can't be right- I normally spend £350 on average per month! But it is right thanks to Dieselveg! Felt good helping the environment too!"


Dear Nick and Clive,

Sorry I haven't been in touch lately but I have just been enjoying my new found freedom with my converted vehicle! This has changed my life! Now that I have slashed the cost of my motoring, I find that I can travel to see friends and relatives throughout the United Kingdom as far a field as Isle of Wight, Newcastle, Somerset and Edinburgh, go fishing in Yorkshire and the south coast and increase profits in my business. Apart from the 27.1p (soon to be 29.1p) thank you Mr Gordon Brown. You've played another blinder there!!) I have to pay to the C & E for each litre, its cheaper motoring. I can't think when fuel was 29p a litre must be years ago! I am approaching 22,500 miles on veg oil now and the vehicle is running superbly! The conversion has already paid for itself and to think I can transfer the kit when I buy a new one is fantastic! . I am beginning to think about a new family car- it won't be one with a Lucas pump on it and it won't be petrol,! the British and their love affair with the petrol engine?? What’s that all about? You know, I've been thinking, If indeed the Government of this country did for bio fuel users the same as the authorities in Germany, France and now Ireland did for their people who genuinely want to help the environment, the motoring costs would be considerably less again! I have come to the conclusion, as any other doesn't add up, that all this bloody waffle from ministers about greenhouse gases and wanting to reduce the CO2 emissions is all bollocks! All they are interested in is grabbing as much money from the over burdened tax payer of this country as possible. They have an opportunity to genuinely reduce the CO2 emissions and every other emission come to that, if only they encouraged the Bio fuel industry and treated it seriously! What do we have to do to get them to look at this with an open mind. Just think what it would do for the farmers of this country? Not only growing our food but our fuel as well! Set aside would be put under the plough again and the land used for what it was meant for- GROWING THINGS!! It might, just might make Governments sit up and realise that the countryside is not just a place for a jolly but is a real asset to the nation!!! WOW Think of that! Is there any politician out there who is open minded and brave enough to take this on and push it forward? I have yet to be convinced!- It says something when a country as small as Ireland sees the sense of what the Bio fuel users are doing and withdraw the duty from the fuel they use.! The Government of this country seem to be interested in one thing and one thing only and putting duty on bio fuel is a self defeating action which is not in the interest of anyone. I guess we just have to keep smacking our heads against the wall in the vain hope that someone in authority gets his head out of his arse for 5 minutes and realises that something good and fundamental, - no, revolutionary, is taking place here.! Ordinary people like me and you are far more interested in the air we breath than the supposed "leaders " of this country. Perhaps it will take a prosecution to go before the European Court before anything will be done. I just want you to know that I think you are doing a wonderful job and giving people of this country a real alternative to Mineral Diesel- something that will run out eventually anyway- the hypocritical buggers will want you then! Anyone reading this by the way, be advised that its the best thing I ever did and don't even think about it- DO IT! Have that conversion done and enjoy the benefits of cheaper, healthier motoring. We owe this to future generations- if you don't do it for yourself and your pocket, do it for your kids because the Government wont, well they will- as long as you pay for the privilege of not polluting the planet!

A very grateful customer.

(I enjoyed looking at your Veg Oil burner for your workshop by the way-God! What you can do with this wonderful liquid- such a lot of heat! and all from a waste product that would have polluted landfill sites and no doubt water courses- Brilliant! There must be a market for such a heater in a million sheds, workshops and factories around the country!)


Hey Guys!

Thought I would let you know that my vehicle has completed 28,000 miles on reclaimed veg oil! Once round the earth and on its second trip. As for the engine, it is as sweet as a nut and running perfectly with plenty of power (for a 1700 van!) and it feels like my birthday every day- I see these berks racing past me on the motorways and I have to have a smile to myself as I ask the question "and how much fuel are you using doing that- more than me thats for sure!"

Hope things are going well for you- we will have to plan an ad campaign or something!

Thanks a million again!


Hi guys!,

Well,......... 31,256 miles now- every one on veg oil apart from an initial 449 before my conversion. The van is still running perfectly and continues to save me a fortune- I guess I must be approaching £3,000 saved now- not bad in 8 months!and soon I will be driving to the South of France on my Hols, in all about 2,200 miles and it won't cost me jack!! Is that cool or what? I thought I might take it in my stride eventually but I find myself still loving that moment when I switch from diesel to free veg oil! The last 8 months have been a revelation for me and since the intervention of the BBC TV and Radio, it is nice to know that quite a few people have either had the conversion fitted or have bought kits. They are certainly to my mind the more 'Savvy' ones and like me, they will reap the rewards of cheap fuel- can't wait for the next serious fuel crisis! AND IT WILL COME, nothing is more certain, but I wont have one, thats for sure. While everybody else is queing and fighting over fuel, I, together with all the other'converts' to this clean energy supply, be zipping around earning a living and not worrying about whether we will be able to fill up the next day! That's when the £900 for the conversion will pale into total insignificance, not that it has already with the savings made! I still don't understand why you havn't got a queue from your workshops, out of the industrial estate and half way across Wolverhampton of people waiting for conversions to take advantage of this fabulous fuel!

I am still collecting my own fuel and it really isn't rocket science to get it ready for the engine is it? Nice to know that if fuel stopped today, I would have enough to get me 20,000 miles before worrying!!! Anyway chaps, I thought I would let you know how things are going. Just think, if it hadn't been for Gordon Brown putting up fuel duty bt one and a half P last time, I might never have been driven to look for an alternative! Thank God he did in a way and thanks to you for making it a reality!


Dear Clive and Nick,

I thought I would write and relate our experiences regarding our "veggie van" in France this year! On 6th August 2004, the van was packed with all the paraphernalia you would regard as essential for a camping holiday in France, except this year, there was something extra to remember. - THE FUEL! The 91 litre tank in the rear of the vehicle was filled to capacity and 6 x 25 litre canisters and two 10 litre canisters were securely strapped into one corner. Everything else was loaded around these and we set off for Westhay in Somerset, some 175 miles away where we met up with sister and brother in law ready for the final journey to Portsmouth to catch the ferry. As my van uses about 1 litre per every 10 miles, I topped the tank up with one of the 10 litre canisters I was carrying to make a little extra room in the van.

On 10th August we set off in convoy and arrived at Portsmouth to catch the ferry and arrived at Caen, France, that evening. We then drove another 60 or 70 miles to our first destination Pre-en-Pail,in the Meyenne district. The next morning I topped the tank with 25 litres of fuel which it just about took. The weather over next two or three days was not kind to us and so we set off for the South of France in search of the Sun which we found in at differing degrees but all in all the weather was not bad. After we had done several hundred miles, and I knew that I could get another 25 litre canister of fuel into the tank, I took the opportunity on a campsite to refuel. Whilst doing so my brother-in-law stood there laughing at me!. I asked him what he was laughing at. His reply is one that I'll never forget. He said "I don't know why I'm laughing, it's me that paying all the F***ing money out on fuel and you're just running round on chip fat!!" "that's right" I said, and I have brought all the fuel I need for this holiday"

We spent an enjoyable time over next week or two travelling around France and enjoying the tastes and sights. Every 2 days or so, we had to pull into one of those things called a petrol station so that Pete could get fuel (tres cher !). All in all, by the time I reached my front door again, I had done 1,949.9 miles and it hadn't cost me a bean, well, apart from a little bit of diesel for about £2 !!! the holiday was a complete success, the van went everywhere with a purr and on the way home of course, I clocked up 35,000 on vegetable oil. At the time of writing this letter, I am almost at 36,000 miles on vegetable oil and the engine is a smooth as smooth with no funny sounds or signs of trouble. I have enjoyed holidays before, in fact many times, but there was something about this one that made it extra-special!. I wonder what it was????

Thanks again guys !


Dear Both,

Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, Past the 49,000 mile mark now on veg oil.! Just another 1000miles and I've been twice round the world on it! Van seems to be fine. No obvious "funny noises" and running really well. Making sure I keep my eye on the oil which I change every 5,000 miles. Sometimes it has been 7,000 or so but even at 5,000 with the oil filter changed every other oil change, the cost is minimal compared to what I would have paid out on fuel.

Hope you are continuing to spread the word. I am! Still can't quite believe my motoring is as cheap as this. Even with the duty paid its not bad at all. Perhaps her Majesty's Government will realise that we are making a real effort and putting our money where our mouths are to cut pollution in this field. Perhaps they might zero rate duty on veg oil users one day- PIGS MIGHT FLY! If Ireland and Germany can do it, they can. But greed knows no bounds does it? They are only interested in money and nothing shows that more clearly than asking for duty from people who are not only reducing pollution by a quite considerable margin, but are getting rid of a waste product and reducing land fill!!!

Lets keep up the pressure through our MP's and lobbying parliament. We have to make them see one day!. Anyway, thought you might like to know the progress. Thanks a million. Really enjoy my motoring these day!


Hi Guys,

Well, 55.000 miles now and going great. Talking to Vauxhall's 'alternative Fuel' boffin the other day and explaining what we are trying to do. Was met with polite interest but nothing more than that except that he did say that the company engineers would no doubt like to look at the engine when I have clocked up 200,000 miles or there abouts to check wear etc- we will have to see! Van is going great, my bank balance looks great and helping the environment is great- all in all-GREAT!

I'll keep you up to speed with mileage etc.

Thanks again Guys.


Hi Guys,

Well here we go with my next E Mail diary entry. The date is 15th May 2005 - approximately 18 months since I took the step to drive over to see you at Wolverhapton and spend a thoroughly absorbing and interesting time seeing all the interesting things you had to show me including oils, demo engine, filtering systems etc. At that time I remember I was driving a vehicle with a CAV Lucas pump on it(Fiat Doblo Van) and after leaving your unit, I was convinced that converting to veg oil was the right thing to do. I sourced a new van with the correct pump on it(Nippon Denso as it happened) and on the 11th Nov 2003 I went for it! So where are we now? 72,000 miles later and without a hitch, nearly 3 TIMES around the planet and to think - people told me it would never work and I would blow my engine up!!! I am free from the heavy burden of greedy oil companies and governments! The Custom and Excise insist on the 27.1 p a litre used but compared to 90.9p- well- there's no comparison and add to that the added benefit of not polluting the planet anywhere like I would be using mineral diesel and I am a very happy man. I am now convinced that the secret of trouble free motoring on veg oil is attention to detail. Not least assuring that you change your engine oil more often than usual and that filters are looked after. The fuel itself should be FILTERED PROPERLY which is not rocket science- Mother Nature does 95% of the work for goodness sake. Let the oil settle for a few days before filtering the clean stuff off the top of the tank.I have just had to change my fuel filter after I could feel that the vehicle was not responding to me as it should but 21,200 miles for a filter in veg oil? Come on- thats pretty good. I know I keep banging on about this filter and oil thing but it is vital. The last thing we need is ignorance in this field. It only takes one muppet to think he can do it differently and blow his engine and all the good work that has been done can be undone in an instant and anyway,compared to the alternative of buying hugely expensive polluting diesel, a filter and a can of best quality oil now and again can't be that much of a problem! I have spent many hours this weekend writing to my MP, radio stations Newspapers etc. We can have a cleaner planet but don't rely on Government to do it- only people power will bring about a change. Don't ever think that Brown will ever see the sense of a cleaner fuel especially if it will cost him money- HE WON'T- he has a 30 Billion Debt to service! People often ask me how its going with the old Veg Oil. There's a guy who lives across the road who would be absolutely thrilled if I was to come unstuck with this. I was 'Tinkering' the other day with the engine for no real reason except to have a check etc and he shouted across the road in a heavily disquised mode of sarcasm, " having trouble are we?" You could see the glee in his eyes as he waited for the reply. " No I said, just checking her before I leave for Scotland," "Scotland?" he said in a questioning way, " Yes I replied, going to see my daughter, trouble is it's going to cost me 80p to get there and back!" It was now my turn to have glee in my eyes!!!

I will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for everything.


Hi Nick

Thought I would send you confirmation of passing the £6,500 saved mark today. 72,315 miles on veg oil. She does about 10 miles to the litre so 7231.5 litres at 89.9p per litre at todays prices and counting that as an average you end up with 7231.5 x .899 = £6501.12p WOW!


Hi Nick & Clive,

Well, thats 75,000 miles completed since I started using recycled Veg oil to power my Van! Three times around the world WOW!! What a fantastic 19 months of education its been for me. No problems at all with the vehicle and running really well. The manufacturers recommend the Cam Belt be changed at 100,000 miles. I am going to change it at 80,000 as I would hate this experience of mine to come to a sudden end due to a snapped cam belt! That would be cruel indeed!  This engine is going to do 200,000 miles- and more- I am determined! Wow! what would that be in saved diesel-something like £18,000 on a quick estimate! Hope everything is going well at Wolverhampton- you certainly deserve it, keep going fellas, there is a small band of us who have tasted the freedoms from over burdening motor costs and we want MORE- much more!! Only when people have the bottle to do what I did will they truly know what its like and its fantastic!

On to 100,000 miles then guys. Will keep you up to date. I wish other beneficiaries of this system would write and tell you their experiences, it would be nice to know what they think!!! Come on guys- write to the Web Site and wet peoples appetite for change! It's only by spreading the word that change will come about.



Hi Guys,

I thought I would write to you to bring you right up to date on the veggie experience and comment on the disgusting bullying tactics from Customs and Excise. It is 22nd October 2005 and I have just realised that if the 10mm kit I am waiting for comes in soon, we might see my family car converted on Nov 11th the same as my van was.  Well, all I can say is I can't wait. I have tested this out for two years and have no doubts that my VW Toureg will go just as well and a bloody darn sight cheaper. I understand that the British motoring fraternity may well have caught on at long last to this amazing fuel source? You certainly seem to be busy.

The van? Absolutely brilliant. Almost 4 times around the world now (nearly 100,000 miles) and without a cough! But I will let you know when the great day comes. Seems we are having problems with the Customs and Excise again then? You would think that these people lived on a different planet and sent their kids to pollution free schools wouldn't you? Don't they even stop to think in their headlong dash to bugger up something good that this affects them, THEIR kids and everyone living on this fragile and beautiful planet? Don't they stop to think that all we are doing is good and that we should be given a chance to succeed- particularly when it is we that have paid to improve things for the environment!!!? I have seen the letter written by the Customs and Excise accepting the oil we use as a bio fuel- it's in black and white and irrevocable! The problem that this lot has of course is that when the 'legislation' was formulated, no one suspected that a dedicated group of guys would come up with alternatives to swingeingly priced dyno diesel! We have right on our side and we will prevail in the end I'm sure. I have written to my MP about the bully tactics being used by the Governments Dogs of War and have invited him along with other interested parties to the meeting at the Novotel in Wolverhamton on 10th Dec. The argument is now,  if I understand the argument from these short sighted civil servants, is that  SVO is not of 'Diesel Quality'. Perhaps these people ought to look at their history books again and they will discover that Rudolph Diesel used nut oil to run his engine. If you extrapolate this statement, you come to the obvious conclusion that not only is SVO diesel quality but dyno diesel is NOT, as it was never meant to be used in a diesel engine by its inventor, it was only the greed of the Oil Companies and Governments that perverted this knowledge. It's hard these days to think that justice will be served. Everyone I meet is so cynical about Government and their crocodile tears about the environment. If their henchmen succeed in extracting 47.1p per litre from us for using a bio fuel it will be a dark day indeed. Cynicism will be the only victor and the common man will have lost again. WE MUST FIGHT THIS.  WE ARE RIGHT. Lets keep the pressure up for the Government to drop duty completely on Bio Fuels as the Germans and Irish have done. For Christ's sake Mr Brown, Give Kyoto a chance to succeed and win some admiration for a change! You would think that they were hard up for a bob or two wouldn't you? But surely they haven't over spent have they? Have they?


02/01/07 Merve

Hi guys.

2nd January 2007- 137,500miles- 5 1/2 times around the world ON RECLAIMED VEG OIL!! and the engine as sweet as it ever was after sticking stringently to the maintenance programme advised by Dieselveg- DO YOU NEED ANY MORE PROOF?? This is the very best of motoring!! I thank God for the day I walked into your workshop! Hey guys, Nick , Clive and Andy, Have a brilliant 2007. May you all be  millionaires and may all your problems be small. 


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