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Smart Cart - Converted to run on Veg Oil

Dieselveg successfully converted the worlds first Smart Car to run on vegetable oil back in 2003.

The car supplied by leading Smart Dealer Smarts-R-Us in Nottingham is believed to be the first Smart Car in the world to run on pure vegetable oil. It has a  three cylinder 800cc common rail turbo diesel engine.

It uses a two tank solution from Dieselveg and Elsbett,  some clever science and the way the system is configured ensures it has the shortest purge to diesel time possible. It has been road tested running on pure rapeseed oil and I cannot tell the difference from diesel and in terms of performance and later I suspect economy, in terms of smell however, like a barbeque.

The project was inspired by Mr Merve Gaskin an existing customer, who introduced us to Mark Sparham of Smarts R Us after telling him about the world of vegetable powered vehicles, he visited us, liked what he saw and by the following day he had purchased, collected and delivered to us a 1 year old 7000km Smart Diesel with the brief, 'Get it running on veg oil and no tank in the boot'. We are all extremely enthusiastic and believe this will be the first of many Smarts running around on veg oil. What else could you drive with such comfort, style and performance and enjoy the satisfaction that you are helping our environment by using one of the most frugal and therefore possibly THE most affordable, environmentally friendly vehicle on this planet whilst returning up to the equivalent of 240 miles to the Gallon! The extra start up diesel tank can hold 25 litres and we reckon that will equate to around 2 to 3 months between diesel fill ups, regardless of your mileage! Thats about £80.00 per year for diesel, as for the vegetable oil, it is up to you, the original tank holds around 25 litres of veg oil enough for around 450 miles.

The tank is fitted underneath the car next to the existing tank and is filled from the front grill.


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