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Happy Customers... Testimonials and Recommendations

After numerous requests we have put together a few extracts from our customer feedback file, we thought it might be a bit like those unbelievable get rich quick stories that get you to buy rubbish but apparently you want this stuff for assurance - what?

We didn't realise there were doubters still out there!! The messages below are not in any particular order and are taken directly from e-mails and letters with nothing added or rectified so please excuse the odd typo.


Hi to everyone,

Just dropping a line to say that my Passat has now done 208,000 miles. 127,000 of them on veg oil. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive initially, as it was all a bit new, but it was the best decision I've made in a long time. Thanks to your expertise and advise I have saved a small fortune on fuel, and enjoyed doing it. I have earned the right to drive with a smug look on my face, and give two fingers to the government!

My Passat is a company car, and is overdue to be changed. Rest assured that I will be contacting you again when it is.

Thanks again, keep up the good work

James Cooke



Thank you Clive,
Great stuff I will print that off and give my system a full check up and clean. Its been in two cars my Peugeot 205 TD (3 years) and 405 TD (the past 4 years).
Pound for pound its been great but is getting a little temprmental now, not supprising after 7 years.

Thank you for the email back, I sort of already new the answer to my questions on these type of diesels but I thought I’d see what you lads have to say on the matter

If I ever have to get another potential veg machine I’ll contact you guys first.

On the matter of my current oil car my cherished 2.5td vauxhall omega it hasn’t run this good since the conversion as you know got it converted 10/07/2008 at 162000 miles showing

I do 15000 miles per year, change the oil twice yearly and change the cars own standard fuel filter annually

I have changed the red veg filter and the small diesel filter once so far roughly once every 2 years. I have delved into my fuel tank to clean the pick up filter/strainer but wasn’t necessary

just had the glow plugs renewed got beru ones fitted apparently the best. cannot fault the car in any way on how it runs, it runs perfect.

Now at 217000 miles and looking forward to 300000 miles.

I collect cooking oil myself and filter it and now have my method refined down to a fine art, key words gravity and patience .

Also as you know told our kid (stunned) and he had his terrano 2 converted by you 1 month later, he collects oil like me but I do the filtering for us bot

when we need more than we collect I know someone in louth who collects shed loads and at the drop of a hat can have 400 litres ready to collect at 70p / litre and its absolute nectar.

so actually run for next to f**k all apart from filling my diesel tank once every 3 to 4 weeks for £20

never thought I could have my cake and eat it (that feeling has never gone away)

All the very best to you Clive and the dieselveg team



Sorry it's taken me so long to get this over to you

Thank's for such an excellent conversion to my VW T4 Tdi ( and all the helpful advice) . Lots of people have commented on the quality of the workmanship .

I've done over 20,000 miles on it to date and it runs like a dream and i can drive knowing that i'm not giving my money to blood oil .

best wishes



To all at Dieselveg

Having just completed my first 5000 miles since you installed my system I would just like to thank you all for your good work.

My Renault Master van is not only greener and cheaper to use, but also runs smoother and with less noise. Even through the sudden cold spells of winter the system performed faultlessly, due in part I am sure to the excellent quality of your installation work.

I would have no hesitation in recommending DieselVeg to anyone considering a conversion. The team are friendly, helpful, and there knowledge is second to none.

Thanks again

Nigel Deane


Dear Sir

I bought a 3 year old Skoda Felicia in August 2000, and DieselVeg converted it to run on vegetable oil.

It has a Lucas pump, so I am careful to use new oil, or well filtered used oil.

It has run now for 3 ^1 /_2 years with no problems.

I've done 65,000 miles since the conversion, it had done 14,000 on diesel before that.

Possibly that's the most for a car with a Lucas pump.

Regards Adrian Windisch


Hi guys.

2nd January 2007- 137,500miles- 5 1/2 times around the world ON RECLAIMED VEG OIL!! and the engine as sweet as it ever was after sticking stringently to the maintenance programme advised by Dieselveg- DO YOU NEED ANY MORE PROOF?? This is the very best of motoring!! I thank God for the day I walked into your workshop! Hey guys, Nick , Clive and Andy, Have a brilliant 2007. May you all be millionaires and may all your problems be small. Merve. A VERY GRATEFUL CUSTOMER.


First of all I would like to say what a great team of lads work here at diesel veg, nothing is too much trouble for them. I own a 1987 shogun to which I fitted a conversion kit myself which I found quite easy, l do work in the motor trade but the kit is made to a very high quality standard and anyone with average auto Diy skills should be able to fit one.

But the team here at Dieselveg can fit one for you to a very high standard if you wish.

I have covered over 2000 miles since converting to veg oil with no problems at all, the car feels better to drive has more power and is also more quiet and smooth, basically everything the lads said it would be.

I have recovered the cost of the kit on fuel savings in the first two months, as I do cover a high weekly mileage but I would say most people could save the cost back in the first six months.

Also after I fitted the kit the lads checked it was ok, no problems at all I could do this as I live local to the company.

All in all it’s one of the best companies I have had dealing’s with in a long time, I wish every company worked like this I am so pleased with the kit I am adding my email address so contact me if you want to know anything about the great benefits of running on vegetable oil.

Cliffe Barnett



Here is the email as requested regarding the rover, I will email pics at a later date if required. I may well pop down from Telford over the next two weeks or so. I have experimented with various routing of pipe work on the rover, to get the best from the kit, ie so you dont use to much diesel to prime the pump etc etc, if you want to know more just drop me a line. You can chop and change the email if you require to suit yourselves.

Around 5 years ago I purchased a Vegetable oil conversion kit from Dieselveg to fit to my Rover 825D (VM engine) 1995, the kit has been super reliable to date (3/10/06) and is capable of being transferred to another type of vehicle if required.

Now the interesting bit... the car has ran extremely well (same performance etc) with no problems on clean 100% veg oil for 100,000! yes 100,000 miles! Saving me lots and lots of money!! And of course being better for the environment. The Rover now has 230,000 miles on the clock.

Around one month ago a core plug sprung a leak (common problem with the Rover 825D) so the cylinder heads had to be removed (unfortunately I didn’t take any photographs) The pistons, bore and cylinder heads ( the rover has 4 separate heads) were all as clean as a whistle with no apparent wear or gumming up, as rumour has it! The injectors were in excellent condition, having done over 130,000 miles in my possession, and I have never had to change them. So why fix something that’s not broken so I put the original injectors back in the vehicle.

The vehicle is now back on the road saving me money for every mile I drive (oh, and of course being better for the environment)

Also please remember that the veg oil kit in my possession is of an older design and having done my home work the newer kits now supplied are more user friendly.

Just for those that maybe interested the early Range Rover 2.5D and Jeep Cherokee 2.5D have the same VM engine which appears to be an ideal candidate for veg oil.

Jason Harte


Hi both,

Just thought I would drop you a line to tell you that the old veggie van has completed 127,500 miles on used veg oil and is as SWEET AS A NUT! She just keeps going and going. All I do is change the oil every 5000 miles and the oil filter every 10,000 miles- I must be doing something right eh? The fuel filter and air filter is changed every 20,000 because I use CLEAN AND WELL FILTERED FUEL!!! It's easy when you know how isn't it. I have always followed your advice and by God -it works! The family car has just been to the South of France and pulled a 1700kg caravan for 2,450 miles on reclaimed veg oil and not a cough!!!- How much did that save me eh? There is something supremely satisfying about travelling along knowing that you are cutting pollution and that you are not being ripped off by the Government -well- not as much as you would be if using dyno diesel. Cost in dyno diesel to South of France and back - £10 I reckon!! Must tell you a story. When refuelling on one of the French camp sites one evening, I noticed a guy staring from about 70 yds away. I didn't take much notice and carried on with the operation to refuel the veggie tank. Some time later I left to go to the shower block and had to walk past the guy who had been so absorbed in my activities. As I approached I saw that he was a Brit by his reg no on a diesel camper van! I said a pleasant "Good evening!" He replied in like manner and then it came_ "Can I ask you something?" he exclaimed." Yes", I said, knowing what was coming. " "You appeared", he said, "to be doing something very interesting some time ago to your vehicle". "Oh?" I said acting dumb, what was that?. "Well", he said, "you appeared to be filling something in the back of your vehicle?. Tell me, have you solved the problem of transporting wine back to the UK?" I nearly died! "I take it that was wine you were pouring?" "Oh no" I said, "Something far more impressive than that!" Two minutes later he was sitting open mouthed unable to speak and just staring at his wife! When he eventually pulled himself together he spluttered terms like "unbeleivable" and "Fantastic" and "you can't be serious". He has the website address- you may be hearing from him! Keep up the good work fellas- I will! Merve


Hi guys,

I have the kit in and now it as been working for approx 3 months, I have also registered myself with customs no problem there at all.

The bug killer that you have on your site, is not a new issue which I expect you guys now about anyway. It has been around as long as fuel as been. It is a big issue in boats which also carry the fuel around the world and most importantly it is in aeroplanes.

The way the aerospace industry gets around this is to use chromate paint in the fuel tanks. This does two things one, kills the bugs and also stops corrosion in the tanks. If you where to apply chromate to a piece of alloy and tie it into the tank this would have the same effect or just drop it into the tank its self if possible? I know this as I used to supply the paint to the aerospace industry lots of interesting bits of info which one day may be useful, ha who knows may be not?

Happy holidays and safe driving, ho smell that smell



Hi All

Picked up kit on Thursday installed on Friday and Saturday drove 200 miles on Sunday.

Everything worked straight out of the box just as it should, where is the catch?

I have attached a couple of photos for your use if required, If you have any promo material please send as I will be at Land Rover show at the end of the month something this good needs to be talked about.

Thanks for the info and advice on Thursday its good to find genuine people selling a genuine product on the net.


Andy Dawson.


Hi Guys.

Well I went to the lakes camping (Seathwaite) at weekend in my newly converted Peugeot 405 .Its a 250miles round trip for me cost £12.50 on fuel

"cant tell you what I was running it on"!!!!!!

It runs like a dream nice job,great kit.Big thanks!!!!!!!

Will be in touch via website and I'll be very interested to see the development of your new products.

Best Regards Gary Faulkner



As promised pic of my Land Rover Disco mod and in the middle of a Welsh winter 900 feet above sea level running 90% veg 10% diesel at -10 deg approx 6000 miles + and going well. The undiluted veg in the garage did freeze so had to bring it into the kitchen to warm up before I could dilute it with diesel (lesson learnt). A BIG BIG THANK YOU for all your help and support. The kit fits great can be fitted in small easy bits without taking the car off the road, then at the weekend cut into the pipes and commission unit in a couple of hours fantastic.

keep up the good work

Andy Lowe


Hi Nick,

When i drive all i can think, although i hate there food, its they sing on the McD's Advert- The version in my head as i m driving to work, or to G/F's house or to the beach to kite surf, or to the forest to mountain bike, my song goes......

DieselVeg Kit,,, I'm Loving it!

Its great, and i m sure you've heard it all before, so i won't go on forever.

But Love the kit, it works great. Keep selling them and making motoring Enviro Friendly!


Phil Hobbs



I bought my kit from you about 15 months ago and fitted it to a Toyota Hilux Surf import. I ran it for 8 months or so on veg oil from Tesco and Sainsbury's - home deliveries of 200 litres or so at a time. I covered some 10000 miles including a 3000 mile trip to Sardinia via Rome when I got married. I carried 70% of my fuel with me. Once the veg oil had run out I took out the heater element fuse so that I didn't pre heat the diesel - just a precaution as the ambient temp was 30 degC+.

Unfortunately the Surf was written off in a rear shunt.

I have now put the exact same kit into my P38 Range Rover with the BMW engine. Already covered 2000 miles without any hitches and I don't expect any. The Range Rover is now returning an average of 35mpg which means £ for £ it is doing 70mpg. Tell the anti Chelsea Tractor bunch to get back in their cages! Excellent!

Thanks for the equipment and the advice.

Trevor Crews


Dear Diesel Veg,

I have to apologise for the length of time it has taken me to get this letter in the post. I intended to send it to thank you for all your assistance when at short notice and the end of the day (5pm) I dropped in to have a problem with my conversion looked at, however before I managed to get round to writing and sending it I had another problem this one can be placed squarely on me and my DIY motor servicing and the bad habit of driving down into my reserve of my main tank, a situation that left me needing to prime both my diesel fuel system and veg oil system a task I had no idea how to achieve. A quick phone call to yourselves’ at DieselVeg had me equipped with all the know how to fix my predicament.

To anyone considering having a conversion carried out on their vehicle I cannot say much about the system other then I personally am very satisfied with the set up in my car which has served me for the last 33000 miles saving me more then the cost of the conversion by probably 4 fold (not to mention the environment).

But what I can testify to is the absolutely excellent customer service provided by all at DieselVeg. I have complete faith in their integrity and passion for their work and would not hesitate in recommending their services to any friends, which in fact I do constantly but can only put down peoples lack of motivation as a reason for not carrying out a conversion as I am proof of a more than satisfied customer

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at DieselVeg Ltd for their superb service both during installation and any problems (even if self inflicted) during my many miles since.

Sincerely yours,

Ian Beers


Just to let you know that all is fine and I am still driving on veg without any problems.

The vehicle is running smoother, quiter, faster and without the noise and it is the best thing that I have done with respect to motoring.

Well done lads!!!

Sarinder Duroch


Hi guys,

Just been on your website which has prompted me to write and attach some photos as you suggested!

Bought and installed the kit from you in Dec 05 and have done about 3000 miles so far with absolutely no problems, in fact I think it runs smoother on veg oil! No problems with the cold weather here in Scotland but I have been keeping 10% diesel mixed-in with the veg oil to be on the safe side and am looking forward to using 100% veg oil from now on.

I am going to write to my MP about the ludicrous, unfair and unjust tax on vegetable oil used as a fuel - this has to be stopped.

Great site with lots of info - keep up the good work!

Iain Stirling, Dunfermline, Fife.


This is the first time I have seem my customer comments on your web page.

If any customers want to talk to me tell them to email me.

I only hope that my comments has generated some business for you guys. I really hope that it has because i still feel the same way as i did when I drove away fron Wolverhampton; very happy and proud of what we did together with respect to converting over to VEG!!


Sarinder Duroch


Dear Clive, Andy and Nick,

Just a quick one to say how impressed I am with your business..

I am loving my conversion, and it is an amazing thing that you do.

Hang in there, guys - it won't be long until you get the success and acclaim that you deserve.

The planet needs this stuff.

I sincerely hope that you take up Will's offer of a stall at Glastonbury.

See you there!

All the best,

Davey Ray Moor



Having just spoken to Andrew over the phone...

Having purchased a veg oil diesel kit from you approximately two years ago,and fitted it to an imported Nissan turbo diesel people carrier, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Diesel Veg for their excellent product and superb friendly, helpful service. I am not a mechanic but after a couple of days in the garage, I managed to fit the kit without too much bad language! It worked first time without any problems and continued to do so regardless of weather, driving conditions or anything else - in brief it has been totally unnoticeable, apart from the toothsome aroma from the exhaust -(I am currently on a diet!!) and the funny looks you get if you fill up in a supermarket car park - people nudge each other and look perplexed. Its great! The supplied warning buzzer is a real boon as well, and all points to a well made,well researched, reliable system.

In conclusion I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the Diesel Veg kit to anyone considering a conversion to veg oil motoring.Thanks again chaps,

Hugh Davidson


Hi Both,

Just to keep you up to date with my mileage fellas so you can tell those doubters - 106.200.

Keep up the good work guys.



Hi Nick
Thanks for sending me those details. The kit is now fitted to a Renault Espace. Works a treat so far, more MPG, engine runs better and the rapeseed oil (although not cheap) is cheaper than diesel.
Great stuff
Thank you
David Hepworth


I hope you guys have a great Christams and even better New Year.

One thing for sure, you guys have made 2005 a magical year for me by completeing my conversion for me and getting me to run on SUPER VEG!!

Well done lads, I am proud of your efforts and I am even more happier to be associated with Dieselveg.

It is a GREAT BRITISH company that has done a lot for motoring in this nation.

Well done and I hope to see you soon.

Sarinder Duroch


Yes Nick

I would like to become a member, but would have to check with the MOD. Serving soldiers don’t have many rights if you get my drift?.

I have been converted for over a couple of years now and the benefits are obvious…


Tony Quinn


Dieselveg Note: We asked how many miles he had done:

12/12/05 Tony Quinn

Hi Nick

Approx 7.5k on pure veg…




To Dieselveg,

I've clocked up my first 150 miles with UCO conversion and everything is running smoothly. Thanks a lot for doing the conversion last Friday.

Would you be able to answer the following queries?

I was thinking of asking my work canteen for their used cooking oil. Do I need to ask them what sort of oil they use and are there certain oils that I can and cannot use (e.g. Sunflower oil)? Also how do I clean and sieve it?

Is pouring it through a J-cloth enough?

Tom Holland

Dieselveg Note: A J-cloth gets nowhere near the required filtration - we filter down to 1 micron


Dear Nick and Clive,

It has now been 2 weeks, and 1004 miles since you fitted the conversion kit to my car. I must admit to driving home with a smug smirk thinking of the fuel cost savings to come.

I actually think that there was a slight increase in performance, and the engine did indeed seem to run smoother. This may have been psychological, as its amazing how one’s foot can become somewhat heavier when the cost of fuel is so much cheaper. Whatever the reason, I am very pleased with the result.

The mechanics at the Fire Service workshops were most impressed by the neat professional installation, and performance of the car. Their previous sceptical comments and mocking remarks were replaced with amazement and just a hint of envy.

I have a few good sources of used cooking oil, and already have a 204 litre settlement barrel ready for filtering. I have set up the filtering equipment, supplied by you in my shed, and look forward to preparing my first batch of vegetable oil. In the meantime I have been using vegetable oil from the supermarket. Luckily, the rapeseed oil is also the cheapest!

I have had absolutely no trouble starting the car in the recent frosts, when temperatures have been cold enough to form a thick layer of frost and ice on the car. Once the engine is up to temperature, just above 70 degrees on the temp gauge, the switch to vegetable oil is un-noticeable.

I have changed the engine oil as a precaution, as my last service was about 4,000 miles ago, and I will change the oil after the next 5,000 miles, which will be sooner than I think at this rate.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with your work, and have absolute faith in the ATG kit that you fitted. When the time comes for me to buy a new car, I will definitely want one of your kits fitted to it. (Unless of course, I manage to get Nick to part with his Jeep!) I do however have one regret….…………I wish that I had had this conversion done sooner.

I will be in touch again soon, and let you know how I am getting on.


Harry Awramenko.


dear clive, i spoke to you some time ago requesting a copy of the instructions for a 12 volt veg oil conversion kit. i also have the purge alarm. i am transfering the kit you sold me from my audi to my landrover 200.tdi. could you email me the said document. please.incidentally im very happy with the kit and have been running it for 1.5 years now and have done 40k miles in the audi!

cheers steve carr



Just a line to say how delighted I am with thw vegoil conversion you did on my Landcruiser.

After 1250 miles the MPG has gone from 18 to 22 and the £50 per tank savings at fill up really make a difference. The car is quieter and more responsive. It has just come back from the MOT station with one of the lowest emmission readings they have seen.

Keep up the excellent service

Mark Clayton


Hi Kit fitted and done 100 miles working great many many thanks

Andy Lowe



I have now covered over 3,500 miles on the system without any problem. Do you sell an electronic level indicator for fitting to the 22L start up tank.


Simon Nutt



Thanks for supplying the conversion kit for my Astra. The kit was excellent quality and simple to fit. The hardest part was deciding where to site everything, after this everything was straight forward. It makes a change for a 'everything to fit kit' to actually mean everything.

Being an engineer, I was tempted to just jump straight in without reading the instructions, but am glad I took your advice and read your hints and tips leaflet. The advice on leaving windows and using the quick purge timer when commissioning was spot on and saved a lot of grief. I also left fixing the diesel tank till last so I could put it on the car roof when filling the system. This meant that with the diesel connection at the switching solenoid undone, gravity, still available without licence and tax free, did the rest.

The car's been running fine for a week and 800 miles now with no problems or noticeable change in performance, my only regret is not doing it sooner.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Keith Beck


Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity for thanking you and the staff for making my conversion to Vegetable oil an enjoyable encounter.

I must add that you and the staff played a crucial role in allowing me to progress with my quest to become a user of Vegetable Oil to run my vehicle.

I am very grateful for the quality service that I encountered and I am very happy with the product knowledge that you guys displayed on the day of my visit to your company; Dieselveg.

The cutomer care is of a very high standard and the customer can get the opportunity to view the kit being installed. The fitters at Dieselveg will expalin everything from inception to completion whilst fitting the kit for you.

Once, my Kit was fitted it went through a quality process which actually involved the management of the company taking the vehicle for a test drive with the customer in it. The whole experience with Dieselveg was a very good encounter. I am sure that I have made friends for life at Dieselveg... they know their stuff and take pride in what they do. I am a customer and I shall say that customers are not always right, Dieselveg gives the customer the chance to learn and get it right.

The experience in Wolverhampton was excellent. The job was done in a day as promised and the engineers who worked on the conversion were just excellent and very nice genuine people. They did more than they should have for me and I really appreciate what they did for me.

They have a chap who is an experienced engineer and he can convert the vehicle in just one day. The lads told me it would be done in a day and it was. This engineer is as genuine as they come and the guy works really hard and takes care of the vehicle as if it is his own!!

The performance of my vehicle is better than diesel. My Pajero didn't sound so quiet when it was running on diesel. The conversion has ensured that it is quiter and better. The performance on the motorway is excellent. The vehicle actually cruises a lot better on vegetable oil than diesel. Its so quiet and smooth. I found a lot of difference when I drove my Mitsubishi Pajero; it was better overlall. I can assure you there is a difference in performabnce the vehicle may even drive at a higher speed without struggling.

The process of swithcing to Diesel and then back to Vegetable oil is explained bu the engineers and the staff will not hesitate in explaining the process to you over and over again if they have to.

Wolverhampton, should be proud of this company, they are contributing towards keeping the environment of this country clean and at the same time they are not only running a business but they are teaching the general public as well.

If I ever change my vehicle; Dieselveg will be doing the conversion for me.

I respect honesty and they are a very honest company.

If anyone wants to contact me they are more than welcome to do so.

Sarinder Duroch



I bought a kit off you a while ago to fit onto my corsa TD and I'm very happy with the savings (in environment and fuel costs) it has brought me.

I'm now looking to replace my partners car with a diesel model that'll be suitable for conversion to veggie oil and wondered if you could point me in the right direction.

I've got my eye on a 99 Polo saloon but it's a TDi. With the car being direct injection does it cause problems when ran on veg oil or is the volkswagen engine more robust than other makes of Di.

If this car isn't suitable could you possibly suggest one. I'd need a medium 4/5 door family car with a decent size boot (baby coming soon) and I've got up to £2000.

Hope you can help.





As promised here is a brief resume of the fitting of your ATG kit.

The kit arrived one day later than you expected it would. This is just a fact of life when you live in the middle of nowhere in Scotland.

The kit was fitted to a 1997 Audi 1.9TDI which currently has 165,000 miles on it. As you state on the web site everything required was there in the kit, although i noted in the ATG fitting instructions the tool list that they state you require is optimistic to say the least. It took me two days, roughly 13 hours. As you can see from the photographs i had to separate the two valve assemblies from the mounting bracket. The bracket was then cut to allow the fitting of each of the two valves in separate points on the bulkhead. There is nowhere else to fit it in an Audi A4 that allows easy access for future maintenance. An added benefit of fitting the kit in this place is that the original feed and return pipes for the fuel tank run along the bulk head, and are therefore easily adapted to accept the valves.

The instructions are clear, apart from an error in the wiring diagram in relation to the switching valves relay. The 2 and 1 pins are back to front in the line diagram. Apart from that everything was fine. I found it easiest to separate the return pipe from the purge valve to the switching valve and put my finger over the switching valve end the quickest way to bleed the system. It all worked first time and i have now just covered my first 1000 miles today without any problems. I can confirm that the MPG is virtually identical and the performance is again just as it was on Diesel. If anything the car is slightly smoother on the Veg oil than on Diesel when on a steady throttle E.G. Motorway.

I would recommend this to anybody who owns a Diesel as it is a great feeling going past a garage and not even caring what the price of Diesel is! Once again many thanks for the polite assistance you gave me when i rang with a question about the system, and the delicate way you pointed out that if i read the fitting tips you supply with the kit the question was already answered.

I have one small tip: Before anybody fits one of these visit a Vet. Buy a 60 ml catheter syringe as it is extremely handy for drawing the fuel through when you are priming the system. They cost around a pound and are well worth the outlay. All the best in your further ventures with the product and once again thanks.

Simon Nutt.Middle of bloody nowhere, Scotland


Hi Clive,

Just a quick mail to say that the kit is now fully installed and working brilliantly!

We made a few modifications on the way as the 22lt tank I am using for the veg oil and the original tank has been left as is. We connected a return to veg oil tank and blocked off the old return to diesel tank. The valves we mounted separately as it was almost impossible to find room to fit them in the configuration as they were in the engine bay. Anyway, it looks a really professional job, and it is not obvious that it is there at all!

Initial calculations show a 53mpg return from the veg oil so should not take too long to pay for itself!

Thank you for all you advice and support.

P.S. I have my weekend seminar with John Nicholson this coming weekend so will let you know how it goes. Should be collecting waste veg oil of my own straight after so will probably be needing one of your big filter systems!


Alex Palmer



5,000 so far,no problems,just replaced wifeys car with a Fiat Multipla JTD,110 bhp,56,000 on the clock.

It's ripe for a conversion see you soon,how are ATG going with their common rail system?

Phil Goode


Hi Nick and Clive,

Thanks for all the pictures, and the ATG vegetable oil operating instructions with RK A4.pdf. Do you also have a pdf of the Installation Notes? As it is also likely to get lost very quickly in the works car. Again if not I will have to just scan it for future reference.

The radiator as I had said lost no water coming home, or the next day, but the following morning it leaked all day. We have now had it replaced. L

Now it is all running well again.

It puts a big smile on mine and Johns face every day we have to drive the car, we just can’t get used to the concept of a fuel that has cost us nothing. J

Thanks again for all the advice that day, and we hope to keep in contact with you for future work and/or advice/ideas.

I hope all goes well for you two, you have a great product, good service; and should continue do well in your business.




Its me with that battered red Hilux you did about 18mths ago. I got a 2nd inspection from customs on 14th Dec which didn't worry me too much but last Saturday morning I got a knock on the door at 9.30 am from those *uckers wanting to catch me by surprise. The last inspection I got notice and they went through my records but this time they just wanted to dip my tank. It set me thinking that maybe they are starting some kind of offensive?

Have you heard anything or is it just me?

Anyway, trucks still going great (nearly 40,000 covered since conversion).


Tim Brown.


Hi Nick & Clive,

Sorry I haven't got back to you before.

Thanks for doing an excellent job in fitting the Dieselveg conversion to my Pajero. It is an extremely neat job completed in one day as promised and I must say I couldn't have wished to meet a couple of friendlier blokes than you two.

Anyway I have contacted KTC at Wednesbury and they can supply veg oil in 1000 Lt cubes (is this where you get yours?) and they will deliver it. The next problem was that I needed a fork-lift to get it off the lorry. Luckily my brother has got permission from his place of work to get it delivered there and then I can pick it up on a trailer.

The last price they gave me was £449 for 1000 Lts.


John Williams


Have run on veg for 500 miles now with no problems yet

thanks for your advice , would recommend this to others but the diy route definitely needs support for the inexperienced, especially with unusual cars like mine.

If anyone else wants to try converting a Surf efi with the more complex injection system I would be happy to pass on my experiences

Kelvin Mills


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