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Quick Purge.

For older systems. It used to take a long time to purge the ATG system when changing back to diesel and it was also difficult to purge air from the system, not any more. Also never again leave the system switched on vegetable oil overnight with its inbuilt safety alarm that sounds a buzzer for two seconds so you will always know if you have inadvertently left system switched to veg oil.

The Quick Purge high speed Diesel flushing Timer and "still switched to veg alarm".

This system comes with it own wiring loom, timer, base, alarm which sounds for two seconds if ignition is switched off whilst still switched to vegetable oil, adjustment screwdriver and comprehensive wiring instructions, set timer to switch vent valve for 20 to 30 secs, leave running for two minutes and switch off!


£66.46 ex VAT

£9.97 VAT @17.5%

£76.43 inc VAT12v version FREE!!!!!!!!! with a kit



£81.59 ex VAT

£12.24 VAT @17.5%

£93.83 inc VAT 24v version FREE!!!!!!!!! with a kit
















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