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Heated Oil System how the kit works:

The key to running a Diesel Engine on vegetable oil  is to reduce the viscosity of the oil using a Heated Oil Conversion. The higher the temperature the thinner the vegetable oil becomes. Using cold vegetable oil without further modification, although the engine might run, would cause high emissions and possible engine damage, this is not recommended. So the oil must be heated to around 70 deg C or higher, giving it a fuel viscosity of around 10 centistokes (kinematic viscosity measurement), making it reliable for use in most Diesel engines.

Most Diesel manufacturers specify 10 or 15 centistokes. In winter Diesel fuel thickens and makes starting difficult. Luckily it looks like harsh winters are a thing of the past. Fitting one of our Heated Oil Kits eliminates this problem by preheating the cold Diesel or vegetable oil to 10 centistokes before it enters the combustion chamber. Making starting easier and reducing all that smoke, which is, wasted unused fuel that we see coming from Diesel’s on cold days.

An engine running on vegetable oil which has been heated to around 70 deg C will have the similar injector coking and better engine wear as it would have running on normal diesel, with significantly lower less toxic emissions.

Several different companies including us at DieselVeg have explored the modifications needed, and our kits indeed exceed this.


Oil is heated using circulating coolant water through a heat exchanger and  an electrical Diesel-Therm heater within the engine bay to required temperature then a cockpit switch is operated to changeover once up to temperature, or auto switch via temperature sensor with new controller. Other benefits include no loss of power, a cleaner exhaust, a better lubricated engine, and cleaner fuel emission. About 2 minutes before you get to your destination, switch back to diesel to clear the injection pump and fuel lines of vegetable oil. If you forget then a buzzer will sound for two seconds when you switch your engine off, if this happens simply re-start, switch to diesel and run for 2 mins.

 Vegetable Oil-Kit solenoid / Diesel-Therm unit .

ATG Heat exchanger WT01


This Kit is available as DIY or fitted at our workshop

          For: inexpensive and reliable
Against: Veg oil tank may need small amount of diesel added to reduce viscosity in cold months. HOWEVER IN OUR EXPERIENCE DURING THE LAST SIX WINTERS WE HAVE NOT HAD TO DO THIS.

Key Benefits


Competitive all round conversion

High Compatibility

Universal fitting

1/2 price motoring

Quick Payback

Veg oil will always be available even when fuel is in short supply, remember the recent fuel crisis?

Pricing DIY

The kit is available in 12 and 24 volt models & 8mm (cars, vans), 10mm (Large cars, vans, lorries), 13mm (large commercials) internal diameter fuel line & switching systems and comes supplied for DIY with detailed installation instructions:

electric Diesel-Therm continuous-flow heater


temperature switch (regulates the temperature)
3-way solenoid valve (switching between tanks)
3-way solenoid valve (venting)
New control system
carrier plate
fuel lines
fuel filter
FULL comprehensive installation instructions
cable set with connectors and protective caps
fuse box with 16 A fuse

miscellaneous materials


heat exchanger included


additional tank (optional 12 - 91 Ltr., 0,3 bar pressure checked, air vent, constructed of Eltex, CE-certified)


tank straps (optional)

Pricing DIY - Popular Example



DIY KIT001 - 12v-8mm kit (P120811) for vehicles that have a 08mm fuel feed and return more than 18mpg (fuel consumption to 15 Ltr/100 km) plus 22L start up Diesel tank (SE2009) and fixing straps. This is our most common kit/tank combination for most cars and vans. Vehicles with 24 v systems, larger fuel and or return lines or less than 18mpg see ATG Prices Section

KIT001 kit and 22L tank combination. £617.31 VAT inclusive, with free new controller & "still switched to veg alarm" Includes 22 litre start-up diesel tank  & straps (veg oil goes in original tank so no loss of range.)


Pricing Fitted



Above Kit Fully Fitted

£1200.00 all in!

Usually takes one day to fit

DIY Mail order available, credit cards accepted.

Please contact us or click here for full prices

Commercial Vehicle Enquiries Please E-Mail sales@dieselveg.com



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