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Diesel Injection Pumps

We have had so many e-mails and phone calls regarding suitability of vehicles for conversion that we decided to introduce these pages giving examples to help you decide on the suitability of your vehicle for diesel to vegetable oil conversion.

Almost ANY diesel can be converted to run on clean pure vegetable oil but it depends almost entirely upon what injection pump is fitted as to what system would be suitable.

Pumps and engines suitable for one tank conversion systems are Bosch Diesel Kiki, Nippon Denso, Doowon, Zexel. All inline pumps fitted to pre swirl and most direct injection engines.

Pumps and engines suitable for the appropriate two tank solutions are All of the above (will cope with cold veg oil) and Lucas-CAV also possibly Roto-Diesel, Stanadyne and Delphi rotary pumps and Common Rail diesels. However they will not stand cold vegetable oil and MUST MUST be used properly with a kit.

Injector Pump Identification

We have converted numerous vehicles with all types of injection pumps, Bosch, Nippon Denso, Diesel-Kiki, Doowon, Zexel, Lucas Cav, Common Rail.

Here are a few examples of common rail diesels converted by us: Mercedes Sprinter 208, Mercedes Sprinter 316, Peugeot 306 HDi and Smart Car.

ALL run well when used properly with the appropriate two tank kit, one tank solutions can only be fitted to Bosch and its clones and inline pumps.

Here's some common injection pump photos to help identification.

Bosch Rotary and its clones are commonly used in cars and vans, we know of no failures. Here an example of a Vauxhall Combo Van with commentary by the customer.


Lucas will not tolerate cold vegetable oil and will undoubtedly fail, We have carried out extensive research and have seen time and time again that if the pump does not break upon its first introduction to cold vegetable oil, it will eventually. THE SECRET IS HOT OIL MUST ONLY EVER BE USED. We have fitted kits to numerous Lucas equipped carsand all are reliable. Their owners know never to leave vegetable oil in the pump overnight (see also our Quick Purge Timer which we especially recommend for vehicles fitted with Lucas Pumps as this has an alarm that sounds if vehicle is switched off whilst still switched to vegetable oil). Here's an example of a Skoda Felicia with photos sent in by one of our customers - he was driving to Spain!


Inline pumps are most tolerant and are found on commercials and some Mercedes vans like the Vito and cars like the 300. We have also several commercial vehicles running on used veg oil from 7 tonners to articulated tractor units (HGV's).


See also this very informative site for further info: www.doctordiesel.co.uk


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