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Driving On Vegetable Oil In Germany

Many people are still unaware that diesel vehicles can be powered quite happily on vegetable oil, yet in Europe this is something they've been doing for years. We took a trip to Germany to see for ourselves.

Their government have seen the true value of pure vegetable oil. They pay no fuel duty, and have a thriving network of filling stations countrywide selling pure cold pressed rapeseed oil. Visit  www.rerorust.de/tanken for a map with filling stations, addresses and even prices.

We visited our partners ATG and dropped by one of their local farm outlets and filled up for the drive back.

Heres a few pics.

We took a few drums of Used Cooking Oil to complete our journey to Bavaria, using a small transfer pump to fill up.

ATG's House in Glött, Germany - beautiful place - have a large workshop down the hill in town

Filters and stirrer at the farm

Oil Press

The only products from rapeseed is oil and animal feed

IBC collection and filling up, ready for the journey home

I would much rather fill up here than any dirty diesel station in UK

ATG's Golf and our Jeep, both converted for well over three years

The farm also sells pure rapeseed oil for cooking, the only difference is that it has to go through a different filter, essentially the same but law states it has to be split at filtration stage

What a wonderful place.

Of course our visit coincided with the Octoberfest in Munich

Fantastic venue, they only sell beer by the litre!

Andy sleeping it off


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