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Economical Motoring Running Your Diesel Vehicle On Vegetable Oil

Economical Motoring

Let's face it, running any vehicle isn't cheap. UK fuel prices are notoriously high and it's a rare day indeed when prices at the pump fall.

Fortunately there is an economical way of motoring for those driving on Diesel and that's to switch to vegetable oil as a fuel source instead.

There are many benefits to running a vehicle on vegetable all but chiefly amongst these are environmental benefits and dramatic financial savings. In fact driving on vegetable oil is one of the few ways in which you can be actively kind to the planet and your wallet.

So why is it cheaper? Well, simply because vegetable oil is cheaper than diesel. Furthermore if you shop around and buy in bulk from wholesalers and major food chains, you can usually get vegetable oil even cheaper than you can find it on the shelves of your corner shop.

But if that wasn't enough, how about this...

Free Vegetable Oil - Free Motoring

Oh yes, it is possible - free vegetable oil! Many of our customers do it.

There are thousands of businesses out there that use vegetable oil every day and, as a byproduct of their business, they are left with Waste Vegetable Oil (often called WVO). This waste product is a nuisance to them and invariably they have to find a legal way of getting rid of it (many a gallon of used vegetable oil has been illegally poured down the drains).

Many of our customers collect wast oil from such places and through a little filtering end up with clean WVO that can be used to run their diesel vehicles.

Have a look at this website www.vegoilcar.co.uk - it's run by one of our customers. There he discusses the reasons behind his decision to convert his vehicle to run and vegetable oil and examines several methods of cleaning waste vegetable oil for truly economical motoring.

You can't recycle diesel, but you can recycle vegetable oil! If that doesn't make for cheaper motoring, what can...


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