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Getting Converted From Diesel To Vegetable Oil Driving?

Possibly the safest and most practical approach to veg oil motoring is to use the The Two Tank System.

The Two Tank System involves, as the main suggests, fitting a second tank to the vehicle that enables starting and stopping on regular diesel (to aid easy start-up), as well as a number of mechanical additions to manage the process effectively. This forms the basis of our Conversion Kits.

Vehicle Suitability

Is every diesel vehicle suitable for conversion? Unfortunately, no.

Almost any diesel can be converted to run on clean pure vegetable oil but it depends almost entirely upon what injection pump is fitted as to what system would be suitable.

Pumps and engines suitable for one tank conversion systems (will cope with cold veg oil) are Bosch Diesel Kiki, Nippon Denso, Doowon, Zexel. All in-line pumps fitted to pre swirl and most direct injection engines. Pumps and engines suitable for the appropriate two tank solutions are all of the above and Lucas-CAV also possibly Roto-Diesel, Stanadyne and Delphi rotary pumps and Common Rail diesels. However they will not stand cold vegetable oil and must be used properly with a suitable conversion kit as described above.

We have a page dedicated to pump identification which you may find useful.

Conversion Kits - Who Should You Contact?

As DieselVeg is no longer trading, VegOilCar.co.uk will be maintaining a list of those companies offering the fit Veg Oil Conversion systems within the UK. Please visit their website here to view details of fitters near you.



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