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How To Convert From Diesel To Vegetable Oil

How To Convert From Diesel To Vegetable Oil

A typical diesel engine can run on vegetable oil, but it's not as simple as pouring veg oil in the tank. Vegetable oil is very viscous and starting a cold engine on veg oil is problematic. Some people advocate blending vegetable oil with diesel, but mixing can also lead to problems. That's why at DieselVeg we recommend using the Two Tank System

The Two Tank SystemThe Two Tank System

In order to successfully run your vehicle on vegetable oil, the oil must be heated and introduced to a warm engine. We achieve this with the two tank system. This system is designed so that you start up normally on Diesel, switch over to vegetable oil when at normal operating temperature, run all day, if you stop during the day for an hour or so you do not need to switch back to diesel because the engine will still be warm, at the end of the day switch back to diesel, run for a few minutes and switch off, this ensures engine can be started next morning on Diesel. This YouTube Video on the subject may be helful.

The ATG heated oil system has proven quality and yielded excellent results for us over the years.

The Importance Of Heating Veg Oil

Using vegetable oil in an unmodified vehicle is not recommended as starting from cold can be problematic in terms of correct atomization. Cold veg oil can be about five times thicker than Diesel. If the fuel is not atomized correctly it can form big globules resulting in unburned fuels coming from the exhaust and may cause polymerization on the bores creating premature engine wear and increased engine oil contamination. Even mixing veg oil with diesel can cause the same problems to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the amounts used, even if the vehicle appears to start okay Running in this manner would likely be suicidal for an unmodified Lucas pump.

Important Considerations - Your Injection Pump

The first thing to find out is whether your vehicle is Common Rail (usually found on newer vehicles). Or if not, your rotary or in-line injector pump is a Bosch or a Lucas/Cav. Bosch and its copies are particularly tolerant of veg oil and usually convert OK, Lucas less so because it is inadvisable to leave cold veg oil in this type of pump. However if the startup and stop rules as explained above, are adhered to it should also be OK. The Quick Purge with Alarm is particularly useful anyway, but for Lucas equipped vehicles it is a godsend as it will ensure that you switch to diesel for your next mornings startup.


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