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Mechanical Benefits Of Vegetable Oil As A Fuel

Mechanical Benefits Of Vegetable Oil As A Fuel

Besides a huge saving in money, running on vegetable oil results in longer engine life. Standard diesel contains sulphur to aid lubrication, but vegetable oil is a natural lubricant. Other benefits include:

  • Vegetable oil is less corrosive than standard diesel.
  • Our customers report performance is, at worst, the same and, in many cases, even better.
  • You can increase you're overall mileage range with a twin tank system.
  • As a fuel it reduces exhaust fumes and contains no sulphur dioxide.
  • It's safe to handle
  • Low flash point (reduces the risk of fire)
  • Mechanically little alteration to the standard engine needs to be made.

Diesel engines are the backbone of the transport industry. As you know when the oil price goes up, Transport costs rise and its us that pay for that rise in consumer goods. The oil certainly won’t get cheaper and eventually will run out. But we can keep growing vegetable oil producing crops that can widely benefit us all.





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