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Enviromental Benefits Of Vegetable Oil

Environmental Benefits Of Vegetable Oil As A Fuel

We're all aware that fossil fuels are causing environmental damage, yet we're equally aware of the necessity of using vehicles. Electric and hybrid vehicles make great claims about being good for the planet, but in truth these are still heavily reliant on fossil fuels.

Without a doubt, a vehicle running on vegetable oil is far more environmentally friendly than your average electric or hybrid vehicle.

  • Vegetable oil is a environmentally friendly to produce and process.
  • It doesn’t require chemical tampering
  • As a fuel it reduces exhaust fumes and contains no sulphur dioxide.
  • It's less corrosive to exhaust and catalytic converters
  • It produces no acid rain.
  • It's endlessly renewable
  • It's safe to handle
  • It's biodegradable
  • It's CO2 neutral
  • It's a natural lubricant
  • It smells better than diesel
  • It can extend engine / vehicle life
  • It’s proven – our neighbours in Europe have been doing it for years now.

Good News For Farmers

Production Averages for most
popular oil crops

Figures are international averages
Oil Palm   4585
Coconut   2070
Jatropha   1460
Rapeseed   915
Peanut   815
Sunflower   720
Safflower   605
Soybean   345
Hemp   280
Corn   135

Farmers are looking for new crops to help save their farms; acres are left fallow which could grow a number of oil producing crops. By growing rapeseed, which produces 80-100 gallons of oil per acre, which in turn can fuel their Tractors, harvesters, and generators, seems a pretty feasible plan.

Great for third world countries I should imagine, not being held to ransom and reliant on the oil-producing giants extracting more profit, more profit, more profit.

Recycled Fuel

What greater benefit could there be than running a vehicle on recycled fuel. Many of our customers do exactly that!

Millions of gallons of used cooking oil that goes down the drain or in landfills every year, yet the majority of this resource can be safely and cleanly recycled. Simply by filtering out the fats, water and foodstuff, used vegetable oil can become an effective vehicle fuel.

Environmental Castostrophe

And finally, think on this; If the Exxon Valdez carrying 12 million gallons of crude oil and causing one of the worst environmental Disaster in North America had been carrying vegetable oil, being non toxic it would have caused considerable less damage .

So, do some research, find out if what we are saying is true, the information is out there. Spread the word, get converted, help the planet, everybody can do their bit.

The benefits are endless,

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