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Running Your Diesel Vehicle On Vegetable Oil

Running Your Diesel Vehicle On Vegetable Oil

With the search for alternative fuels and never ending fuel crisis', veg oil can provide a green, clean, environmentally, friendly alternative to diesel fuel.

With the never ending cost of diesel rising, the shortages, queues at forecourts etc, now is the time to convert diesel engines to run on vegetable oil. ATG kits provide a cheap, safe alternative which is environmentally friendly, reduces exhaust fumes and is sulphur free.

Diesel engines that are converted cost half to run with no loss of performance and environmentally friendly emissions.

We can see a great future for our vegetable oil kits as this could create endless jobs for the farming community as rape seed oil is such a wonderful eco friendly product to produce and manufacture with no toxic by-products or waste.

Benefits of Veg Oil Motoring:

  • Environmentally friendly to produce and process
  • Always available unlike diesel
  • Reduced exhaust fumes
  • Less corrosive to exhaust and catalytic converters
  • No sulphur dioxide emission.
  • No acid rain
  • Non toxic
  • Pleasant and non offensive smell
  • Safe to handle
  • Fast biological decomposition
  • CO2 neutral
  • Farmers worldwide can grow their own fuel
  • Sustainable crop. The harvest of one hectare of rapeseed can make between 1,000 to 2,000 litres of rape oil
  • Plus Hi energy seed cakes, suitable for animal feed or fuel
  • Rape straw, also a high energy value
  • No waste products

Most agricultural experts agree that organic winter rape is a realistic alternative to the other organic sales crops. With the right cultivation, crop rotation, it is possible to obtain yields of oil and fodder cakes that benefit the farmers and the environment.

Rapeseed oil has a very good Positive Energy value and Co2 balance, and can be termed genuinely Co2 Neutral

In comparison with diesel, the exhaust emissions are lower. The crop, then takes in the Co2 produced by the machinery used to grow and harvest. The cultivation of rape will use 200 litres of fuel (rapeseed oil) leaving between 1,000 and 2,000 litres and protein-rich fodder cakes can be used for animal food. The oil is excellent for food industries, and for energy purposes it's in a class of its own.

The overall combustion performance of rapeseed oil are very satisfactory in comparison with diesel and produces 40-50% less soot, furthermore tests show that the result of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitric oxides and particulate matter confirm the advantages of rapeseed oil with that of diesel.

The responses we have had are amazing and feel that the public need to be aware that there is an alternative to diesel that can help the environment and their pockets.


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